Research Areas

The main areas of research at undergraduate and postgraduate level are the respective majors of specialization in which the degree is awarded.
The programme of BSAP and MPH by research is conducted in the following majors:

• Renewable Energy
• Material Development & Characterization
• Semiconductors and Electronics
• Medical Physics
• Space Physics
• Quantum Physics




Assessment of wind energy potential for South-West coastal locations of Pakistan:
The objective of this project is to assess wind potential in four coastal locations (Gawdar, jiwani, Ormara, Pasni) of Pakistan. These are located in south-west coastal region. The wind energy potential of these areas will be statistically analyzed based on 10 years measured monthly mean wind speed data at different heights,


Development and Characterization of Photovoltaic Cell:
The solar power is one of the most suitable sources of energy for a country like Pakistan which lies in an area of one of the highest solar potential in the world. The objective of this project is to develop photovoltaic cell of high efficiency using indigenous materials for solar power generation.


Electrical Properties of Chalcopyrite
Chalcopyrite is copper ore available in Pakistan. The chalcopyrite has a magnetic semiconducting behavior. The object of this project is study the characteristics of chalcopyrite to explore its use in the spintronics. Spintronics studies the properties of the electron spin, with a view to improving the efficiency of electronic devices and to enrich them with new functionalities.