MS in Physics


 The postgraduate programme in the Department of Physics is an evening programme for engineering and science (with maths) graduates with a minimum of sixteen years of education. The MS programme now includes specialisation in:

  1.  Physics
  2. Medical Physics
  3. Optics

             The MS degree in Physics is given in appreciation of outstanding and original contributions in the field of science that have enhanced our understanding of the physical cosmos. There are also several joint and interdisciplinary research initiatives underway by our students and faculty.

· Mission Statement of Programme

             To impart advance concepts, analytical skills and standard practices for problem solving in the field of Physics.

·       Objective of Programme

  1. To infuse students with the ability to identify problems and understand the underlying physics.
  2. To equip students with the capabilities to propose feasible solutions to the problems.
  3. To enhance the verbal and written, communication skills.

·Scheme of Study

· Prospectus