Mission Statement of Programme

             The BS program in Applied Physics (BSAP) will be able to apply broad Physics Principles to Technological problems of interest to industry. The program combines courses with applied and technological relevance.

· Objective of the Programme

  1. To develop the engineering student's comprehension of the basic principles of Physics.
  2. To create a sense of inquiry in the students. 
  3. To develop an understanding of the role of Physics in our attempt to understand the universe through the use of modern technology. 
  4. To develop an understanding of interfacing Physics and Engineering to create better infrastructure for society. 

The BSPH program will be for four years. The first and second years of the program will comprise some core courses on social sciences, mathematics, applied chemistry, and statistics together with applied physics as per the guidelines of HEC. In third year courses on Classical Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics, Statistical Mechanics, Spectroscopy, Mathematical Methods of Physics, and Electronics will be conducted. In the fourth year, the students will select one specialization from Material Science/Electronics by selecting three elective courses of their choice and carry out a project on his/her area of specialization.

·      Pre-Requisite Courses for BS Physics    

·   List of Discontinued Courses for BS Physics and Applied Physics  

·  Scheme of Study for BS Physics

·      Scheme of Study for BS  Applied Physics

·      Pre-Requisite Courses for BS Applied Physicas

·       Admission/Prospectus

·       Physics Courses Offered in BE and other Disciplines